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Pan Fried Trout

KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid. The name of the game when cooking trout, keep it simple.


Trout (Brown, brook, etc.)




Your preferred spices



Preparation Instructions

Out of the Stream

1. Catch a trout. We can discuss this in another post.

2. Cut the head off.

NOTE: Some people leave it on. I don't. It reminds me of the movie A Christmas Story when they go to the Chinese restaurant and the Christmas duck is smiling at them, here:

If you want to leave the head on, check out this video on how to clean it:

3. Take the tip of your knife, insert in the vent (the proper term for what I would call its anus), and cut its belly up towards where the head was.

4. Scoop out the guts.

5. Their kidney (i.e. the blood line) runs along their spine, use your finger to scoop that out.

6. Rinse thoroughly and pat as dry as possible.

Into the Pan

7. Butter. Be generous. Toss it into your pan, I prefer my cast iron on medium heat.

8. Coat the inside and out with salt, pepper, and paprika. You can use whatever spices your like, but these are the ones I use. Tony Chachere, Old Bay, Penzeys Chesapeake Bay, and Penzeys Lemon Pepper are a couple good ones. If anyone knows how to pronounce Chachere, please let me know.

9. Take your lemon and slice it to make wheels. Then cut those wheels in half. Put those halves inside the fish.

10. Lay one side down on the frying pan. Leave it on there about 3-5 minutes. I open the middle and look at the filet that is down, it will start to turn white along the bottom edge. The fish will likely start to curl and this is normal.

11. Flip to the other side and repeat the process.

12. You may need to flip a couple times, but you will know it is done when the skin starts peel, the bones will start to poke out of the filet.


13. I eat just about everything except the bones and the tail. Trout have an interesting skeleton, and you can just about take all of the meat off of it. You’ll be left with something that looks like a centipede made of bones, with the trout tail at the end.

Pretty Simple

I think trout put up a pretty good argument for my favorite fish. You catch them in some of the coolest country, in a small stream, secluded from the rest of the world. No skiers or jet skis ripping by. More often than not, you see other wildlife. Each bend in the stream holds the potential for another hole holding a big trout. Waders, a fishing pole with a spinner, a net, and a creel. Once you catch one, you will see how beautiful they are. No picture or painting could ever do them justice. They are simple to clean, simple to cook. And they are delicious. They do not require beer batter or tartar sauce to have flavor. Simple

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